How to resolve Modern Setup Host Error

Modern Setup Host

Modern Setup Host errors are extremely common among Windows 10, 7 and 8 users. If you’re also confronting high CPU/disk usage as a result of contemporary setup host, then this guide is right for you. There’s not any need to worry in any way. We’ve got you covered.Learn what is modern setup host windows 10.
Before going ahead with the kinds of Modern Setup Host errors and approaches to them, let’s first understand what it’s really. In the event you’re only interested in the procedure, feel free to skip this section directly to the’how to’ section.This post is from Tech Solitic if you are facing windows error you can solve them with some clicks with the proper guidance which is provided on Tech Solitic

What’s Modern Setup Host?

Modern Setup Host or SetupHost.exe is a self-extracting installer and archive. It’s situated in C:\$Windows. ~BT\Resources \ folder also operates as a scheduled task each individual time logs into performing a process with all the local user’s rights within the context of its parent windowsstoresetupbox.exe.Want to solve some other issues ? do not want your children to visit bad websites learn different ways to block websites on Windows 10

What’s Modern Setup Host revealing in your Task Manager?

The reason it is recorded on the Task Manager is since Modern Setup Host has suddenly begun to operate itself, causing high CPU usage and higher disk usage (that may be as large as 100% continuously provided that the process is operating ).
This slows down everything you’re doing. Even in case, the Modern Setup Host begins itself unnaturally it generally terminates automatically after finishing whatever setup and upgradation work it had been doing. However, if it is still there, operating in the background even after a few minutes, we’ve got a problem in our hands.

Which are the various Sorts of Modern Setup Host errors?

There are two general errors which we confront ;

  • Modern Setup Host has ceased working
  • Modern Setup Host large CPU usage

In this guide, we will cover these two errors in detail and explain methods to mend them.
Modern Setup Host is needed when we attempt to run the setup to improve your PC into Windows 10. We view this error as soon as the Modern Setup Host fails. This stops the update process.
Caution: Before going ahead with the technique to repair this issue, let’s take a look at a few precautions.
• When any 3rd party antivirus is installed onto your computer or your firewall software is on, disable it.
• Disconnect all of the unnecessary external apparatus if any, attached with the computer.
• Make sure you have enough Disk Space. At least 20GB disk space is essential.

Modern Setup Host

The best way to mend Modern Setup Host stopped operating error?

  1. Try out approaches in the listing below to Correct the Modern Setup Host has stopped functioning error:
  2. Perform a Clean Boot
  3. Type msconfig in launch search and hit Enter.
  4. Click on the General tab, then click Selective Startup.
  5. Uncheck the Load Startup Items check box.
  6. Make sure that Load System Services and Use Original boot setup are all assessed.
  7. Click on the Services tab.
  8. Select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box.
  9. Now click Disable all.
  10. Click Apply/OK
  11. Restart your computer.