Jim Reeves Dies In Plane Crash

The entire body of Travis (Jim) Reeves returned to Panola County Tuesday afternoon before dusk, to be buried at a website that will turn into a memorial. The website is a two-acre plot situated two kilometers east of Carthage on the south side of U.S. Highway 79 near the Liberty Chapel Baptist Church.Double funeral services were held for its renowned country music singer out of Panola County along with his company, Dean Manuel at two p.m. Tuesday at Nashville, Tennessee.The two men had been found dead from the wreckage of a personal search engine airplane 10 miles south west of Nashville. Manuel was Reeves’ piano player and road manager and they had been returning to their houses in Nashville in a business trip to Batesville, Arkansas.In a meeting with Ray Baker, manager for Reeves, he advised the Watchman of this mishap as close as you can. The airplane where they had been flying was leased from a Nashville airport and piloted by Reeves. He flew on company trips and has been a fantastic pilot, related Baker. Less than ten minutes out of their destination, Reeves radioed into the airport they were flying within a very heavy thunder and rainstorm. The airport control tower afterwards assessed with Reeves–inquiring if he’d passed through the storm. The response was negative. Further efforts were made to get the Reeves flight by radio–and each of demonstrated negative.The airplane was reported at 5 p.m. Friday, July 31. The aircraft crashed into a mountainous area about 100 feet behind a home off U.S. Highway 31. A Tennessee highway patrolman reported that citizens of the home were away in the time of their crash.More than 700 volunteer searchers, Civil Defense employees and authorities combed a 20-square-mile place for 2 days. A number of the searchers were Reeves’ friends and partners in the country music industry. They comprised guitarist Chet Atkins and singer Eddy Arnold, Stonewall Jackson and Ernest Tubb.Marty Robins, a near friend of Reeves and also an entertainer, dwelt within a brief space of where the airplane crashed and heard the roar of a plane engine Friday day and then a loud thud…like it had plunged to the floor. After he learned of the crash and hunting operations, he informed police of what he learned and informed them the way where he believed the wreckage may be located.The wreckage was found at 1 Sunday and the motor of the airplane was partially buried and it had been reported by Tennessee highway patrolmen it seemed like someone had gone outside and chucked some debris and garbage. Reeves’ body has been identified from a motorist’s license obtained in the wreckage.The governor of Tennessee, Frank Clements was a personal friend of Jim Reeves and supplied that the four-engine U.S. Air Force Strato-Cruiser airplane from the National Guard to transfer his entire body, family and partners from Nashville to Shreveport. Hawthorn Funeral Home ambulance moved the entire body from Shreveport to Carthage Tuesday evening.Baker explained that Reeves had undergone a remarkable increase in popularity in the USA and Europe throughout the previous ten decades. Several polls had been taken in England, Holland and other European nations which put Jim Reeves since the number one favorite singer of country songs. The large friendly grin and rich baritone voice of Jim Reeves is going to be a memory from the hearts of many million people for quite a while. Panola County will always treasure his memory as one of the greatest gentlemen.